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Big Boss

The former commander of FOXHOUND and military leader of Outer Heaven and Zanzibarland. His former codename in the FOX Unit was Naked Snake. Real name John.

He fought in the Korean War in the 1950s. He looked up to The Boss as his mentor, and together they developed CQC. In 1954, he was exposed to radiation from the Bikini Atoll Hydrogen bomb test.

On August 24, 1964, as Naked Snake, he took part in FOX's first combat mission, the Virtuous Mission. He infiltrated Tselinoyarsk, then part of Soviet territory, via HALO jump. He attempted to rescue Sokolov, but The Boss, who had been providing mission support, defected to the Soviet Union and the mission failed. He was gravely wounded and had to return to the US using the Fulton Recovery System.

On August 30, 1964, with FOX's survival at stake, Operation Snake Eater was launched, Naked Snake's mission being to eliminate The Boss. He once again infiltrated Soviet territory from high-altitude, this time with the help of a supersonic drone aircraft. Despite losing his right eye, he completed his mission and the US President awarded Naked Snake the title of "Big Boss," surpassing The Boss herself.

In 1970, Big Boss left FOX. Immediately afterward, he was abducted by FOX and taken to San Hieronymo Peninsula. There he was imprisoned, but escaped with the help of bellow prisoner Roy Campbell. Big Boss then became ensnared in FOX commander Gene's attempt to steal Metal Gear from San Hieronymo. He defeated Gene and the "Perfect Soldier" Null, and destroyed Metal Gear RAXA and the ICBMG, returning home to a hero's welcome.

In 1972, he provided his genes to the Patriots for their Les Enfant Terribles Project. Three clones of Big Boss were created. However, Big Boss himself was outraged by the way his DNA was used and broke off from the Patriots. He became a lone soldier, drifting from country to country.

He joined an LRRP (long-range reconnaissance patrol) in Vietnam and fought alongside SOG (Special Operations Group), the Green Berets, and the Wild Geese. Later, he became a mercenary who appeared in numerous territorial and ethnic conflicts around the world. He achieved near-mythical status, even becoming a minor media celebrity at one point. After that, he served as a combat instructor and worked to reintegrate former child soldiers into society. Big Boss was also reunited on the battlefield with Frank Jaeger, the soldier formerly known as Null. He took Frank and his foster sister Naomi back with him to the United States, where he helped them establish normal lives.

In the 1990s, Big Boss returned to the US military as the commander of the newly formed Special Forces unit FOXHOUND.

In 1995, the Outer Heaven Uprising prompted FOXHOUND to launch Operation Intrude N313. Contact was lost with Gray Fox, the first agent sent to Outer Heaven, and Big Boss subsequently dispatched Solid Snake, a new recruit. Solid Snake was charged with rescuing Gray Fox and destroying Metal Gear. However, his actions unmasked Big Boss as the mastermind behind Outer Heaven. Big Boss attempted to get rid of Solid Snake personally, but failed and was himself defeated.

Big Boss established his mercenary company Outer Heaven as a means of achieving his vision of creating a world where warriors could find true fulfillment. He gathered mercenaries from around the world who shared this vision. Even after his defeat, there were many who wished for his return, and Big Boss was able to survive thanks to the Snatcher Project.

In 1999, the Zanzibarland Disturbance triggered the launch of Operation Intrude F014. Roy Campbell, who had taken over from Big Boss as FOXHOUND commander, dispatched Solid Snake into Zanzibarland.

The military leader of Zanzibarland was none other than Big Boss, who was not dead after all. Once again, Solid Snake and Big Boss faced each other in battle. This time, Big Boss's entire body was incinerated, seemingly putting an end to his life.

Yet Big Boss was still not fully dead. The Patriots used nanomachines to cryogenically preserve his body in secret as a biomort. Big Boss's genetic code was used in the Sons of the Patriots ID recognition system as the key to the Patriots' worldwide control. However, Liquid Ocelot, EVA (Big Mama), and Naomi Hunter formed a plan to revive Big Boss. Restored to life, Big Boss was reunited with his clone, Solid Snake, and was infected with the FOXDIE virus planed by the Patriots in Snake, ending Big Boss's life for good.

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