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Drebin 893, unofficial arms dealer and gun launderer. Following the introduction of the Sons of the Patriots System, he and other Drebins began selling weapons around the world to unregistered groups such as smaller PMCs and local militias, becoming the only individuals who deal in laundered weapons. They also sell various parts obtained through AT Security, as well as the fixing of records through personal connections.

They sell naked guns from before the SOP System; switch the ID chips in the ID guns for fake chips; sell non-ID guns not requiring an ID process; and also offer gun parts and ammo.

Drebin (893) approaches Solid Snake and proposes a mutually beneficial relationship -- Snake provides weapons he find on the battlefield to Drebin, and in exchange, Drebin will provide Snake with weapons he needs and unlock ID guns. They use units of barter called Drebin Points (DP) in lieu of currency. The Drebins' business comes from these relationships with green collars having no affiliation.

Drebin (893) is a fan of extinct and rare animals, UMAs, and famous soldiers throughout history. His hobby is collecting information on units like the Cobra Unit, Dead Cell, and the BB Corps, and has decorated the walls of his armored car with their photos. He keeps a pet monkey named Little Gray. His armored car is also equipped with OctoCamo, allowing it to disguise itself in emergencies. Likes to drink the carbonated beverage NARC, keeping a vending machine stocked with it inside his car.

Drebin is a part of the Patriots' System.

After losing his parents and siblings in the Ugandan civil war when he was young, he was kidnapped by an anti-government rebel group called the Lords' Resistance Army (LRA) and raised on the battlefield as a child soldier. Following this, he was taken by the Patriots to America, where he became one of the Drebin gun launderers selling their services around the world.

Drebin was instructed by the Patriots to contact Snake. The Patriots' objective was to use Drebin to inject Snake with a new FOXDIE. Drebin was successful at using Snake as a vector, mixing in suppressants for old nanomachines. The target of the new FOXDIE was the founding members of the Patriots now opposing Zero -- Big Boss, EVA, and Liquid Ocelot, with their co-conspirator, Naomi Hunter, also targeted. Drebin was also instructed to provide back up to Snake since he stood in opposition to Liquid Ocelot and his comrades.

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