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Shadow Moses Island: XX•ZXX'N , XX•ZXX'W. Even the local fishermen rarely venture to this outcropping of land. Yet the incident of all incidents took place on this remote isle, north of Alaska's Fox Islands. A number of confirmed facts undermine the U.S. govern- ment's denial of the entire affair. Among those are the sudden appearance of the Ohio-class nuclear submarine USS Discovery off Shadow Moses, far away from its designated position, and an official record that shows that a squadron of six fully-armed F117 Nighthawks departed from Galena Air Force base for Alaska a scant sixteen hours later. In another possibly related event, an E-3C AWACS on emergency deployment to the Alaska area is said to have had none other than the then- National Security Advisor Jim Houseman as its on-board VIP.

What exactly happened on Shadow Moses? There was no lack of rumors to account for this series of unusual military activities: an armed incursion, a coup attempt by a branch of the military and other theories made its way to the public table. I can state unequivocally that none of them came close to the truth. What actually took place was the single greatest terrorist incident in modern history. It was an act of political violence on a scale the world had never seen, a blow that threatened to send the Damocles' sword of nuclear warfare into a free-fall. Most significant of all, the attack stemmed from several so-called 'Black Projects' which the U.S. government had been conducting in top secret, away from public scrutiny. I have in my hand two optical discs. One contains the entire record of events that took place on Shadow Moses Island that fateful day: the takeover of a nuclear weapons disposal plant by an armed group.

Other key points of this incredible record are: - The identification of the perpetrators as the government's own genetically-enhanced next-generation commandos and a covert special forces squad, FOXHOUND, with a long dark history of secret intervention - The existence of one Metal Gear REX, a bipedal nuclear-capable tank whose development was one of the most classified projects of all time - The discovery of a massive government conspiracy - The activities of a former FOXHOUND operative who single-handedly took on this daunting situation and averted the crisis, a man who is known only by his code name: Solid Snake The other remaining disc holds the details of Project FOXDIE, a massive cover-up, which the U.S. government planned and executed in order to prevent exposure. There are, after all, forces within the U.S. government who seek to maintain the military power structure established in the last century, and will not hesitate to resuscitate the terror of nuclear arms in order to achieve that end.

My intent is to expose their activity, and the entirety of the Shadow Moses Affair, through this book. Only then can we hope to free the coming generations from the damnosa hereditas of the 20th-century nuclear arms race. I looked up from the mass of documents at the sound of the doorbell. On the monitor in front of me was a half-finished status report on the resurgence of nuclear arms development in a certain Middle Eastern state. The UNSCOM (United Nations Special Commission) had officially requested a survey by the UN weapons inspectors, and had been refused entry; tensions were once again running high in the Gulf. As a military analyst whose specialty was nuclear arms, I was under contract from a think tank to produce a study of the situation. It was due the day after the next, and interruptions were definitely not welcome. I ground out my cigarette in the ashtray and stepped out of the study. All visitors to my house are checked via a surveillance camera and then let in through the heavy gate. The property itself is surrounded by a high wall.

It may seem like overkill for a beach community, but security is a necessity in greater Los Angeles, if only to keep out the legion of swimsuit-clad tourists. However, there was nobody to be seen at the gate. It was either a prank, or the camera was malfunctioning. Reluctant to investigate but feeling unsettled nevertheless, I headed back to the study and sat back down at the computer to continue my work. Just then, someone spoke behind me. "You always were a little careless." I spun around, kicking my chair over. There was a man standing at the entrance of the study, slouching in a well-tailored suit. "Richard!" He caught my eye and grinned. Ignoring my surprise, he strolled into the room, gazing around at the pile of books and papers. "And still as disorganized as ever." He shrugged his shoulders in a familiar gesture, triggering a wave of memories laced with bitterness.

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