Metal Gear Solid: Live Up To The Game

For the MGS:TUS article contest, Benjamin Mathys wrote this article, explaining ways in which Metal Gear Solid has changed our lives. This article was awarded Third Place in the contest.

You might have noticed already that since you've played a Metal Gear Solid game your life has changed. Didn't you ever tried to put on a bandana? Ever crawled under a cardboard box? Did you ever tried to sneak up on someone and scream "FREEZE!"? Well, you're not alone...

It's how you talk

The voice acting in the games is so great that fans will try to sound like their favourite character. They even copy their quotes which can be seen in online games. Even in MSN nicknames you can read the crazy lines of the AI Colonel, Fox' death speech and of many other characters. I sure tried to sound like someone. Haven't you?

Do I look good?

Don't tell me you've never seen a cosplay or a fan made movie? The point of those is to try to be the character. But not everybody can try it that way. So what about the 'regular' people? They try to be the character on their own and even see other people (who don't need to be a MGS player) as one of the characters as they look like a character. For example: fans of Snake might try to grow a beard or even a mullet. Fans of Liquid want to have long blond hair. Hell, there are even fans who would go that far that they would like to lose an eye! But that's just for the extreme fans.

Did you see that move!?

When a fan tries to sneak up on people, they'll walk like the character "Snake". When they see a big cardboard box they just might get inside of it and try to trick someone. But what also has a big influence since MGS3 is the way Ocelot points at someone. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of Snake, Fox or even Raiden. You surely tried " the hand gesture" like Ocelot does. Even the way he plays with "his SAA revolver" must be something you've tried. And let's not forget the CQC! "If you haven't tried these wrestle-like techniques, you are not entirely a MGS fan." Even if they didn't work out as you hoped, at least you tried to "mimic Big Boss."

I'm "going" insane...

The series have also manipulated "many" minds "(hopefully in a positive way)" "When someone says 'Liquid' or talks about animals, you automatically think, Metal Gear!?" And, "although it may not be" healthy, some fans "might have thought about or tried to" smoke a "cig" after playing the MGS games. Some fans "may even be hardcore enough to try to lose a body part...mainly an arm or an eye, as to look like his/her favourite character." "But don't take it seriously, people have probably gained enough sense from these games to not do such a thing"

I have interviewed two people to know how MGS has influenced them. Here's the interview with Alex (better known as MetalGearAlex on TUS) and Frank (Gray_Fox_CyborgNinja)

Alex, who is your favourite MGS character?

My favourite MGS character has to be Snake, of course everybody likes Snake. My reason behind this obvious choice is because not only is he the main character of the series, but he is the best character.

Hideo Kojima has implemented into Snake every manly character imaginable, (and throw in the inability to reproduce, due to being a clone of Big Boss). By Hideo's standards, Snake could be considered an Aryan (the "perfect race") with blond hair and blue eyes. But he has taken a change, such that his hair is now brown, and he has a mullet with an "infinite ammo" bandana rather than a pretty boy haircut like Raiden. Snake has, by destiny, defeated every metal gear and such in the worst possible situations, from MetalGear1 through 3, and now in four.

It's because he has the will to do it. He is a good role model for those who think they have it tough. Although he smokes cigarettes and never really had a girlfriend other than Meryl, he is the man that beats all other characters.

How do you try to be like that character?

I often like to portray "Snake-like" stealth when getting snacks from the kitchen at night. I would crouch down, and hug the walls. I've tried the Snake voice, and finding a box big enough to hide in, but to no avail. I sometimes think of myself as a loner like Snake, but now, I feel that I have a responsibility to help this world, just like Snake. When I'm on the phone, I often play around and say "Otacon, I'm at the sneak point" and such. Simple things really.

Who of all the characters do you resemble the most?

I am dark skinned, and a bit crazy, so I say I resemble Gray Fox.

I have an adopted sister too. I've always liked to do ninja moves with a plastic bat, long before I knew of Gray Fox. As a matter of fact, I've taken karate. I've always been stealthy like Gray fox with quick reflexes. Lastly, Fox was a good friend to Snake, which reminded me of how I became a dear friend to someone, always helping him out, and waiting for the next time we'd see each other again, since I've moved.

I've moved so much, that I too am from a world where such words as "friendship" and "lifestyle" are meaningless. Fox wasn't sure of himself, but at the end of MGS, he found his place and served it well, a connection to how I percieve life.

What do you think has the most effect on fans of the series that they start acting like the characters?

Fans of the series act like the characters because they have no one else grand enough to look up to. People try to resemble what they aren't for they lack those certain qualities.

For example, a girl might try to be like Meryl, because she fought for what she believed in, her dad. Meryl was a tomboy, rough, yet girly enough character to love Snake. Don't all women want to get rid of their psychotic desire for men and try to be independant? Women would look up to Meryl because of her achieving what others can't. She is a symbol of the loving yet free woman. Whoever the character may be, it's not how the person looks, but really it's the character.

Hideo Kojima took his characters to the fullest, being able to connect them to real life with their own struggles, but yet giving them characteristics of a god.

Frank, who is your favourite MGS character?

That would be Gray Fox.

How do you try to be like that character?

Hmm well once for Halloween my senior year I dressed up like Gray Fox and basically bought a awesome suit I paid 175 dollars for. It wasn't a cheap looking suit. I Really looked like him. I got a blue contact which gave me a whitish/bluish eye and then I had one brown eye so I looked like Fox.

So, I also copied his Ninja Stance, and said all his quotes from the game. I also got special permission from my principle and super indendant to carry a real katana which I barely got away with.

The katana came from Okinawa Japan, from my aunt who is a marine and stationed in Okinawa. I've tried his movements with my katana and basically his ninjetsu type of stance and ways he holds the HF blade. And of course the awesome tornado kick he pulls off against Snake in the armory.

Who of all the characters do you resemble the most?

Again, that would be Gray Fox.

What do you think has the most effect on fans of the series that they start acting like the characters?

The drama, the storyline, awesome graphics and the cut scenes. The in depth footage the music composer and game play. Plus the awesome style of the characters and their contribution in the game. That would be my lucky guess.

Do you recognize yourself into one of these two people or from the "symptoms" in the article? In any case, we can conclude that Metal Gear Solid has changed our lives so much and has given us something to live up to.

I would like to thank Alex for his picture as the Sorrow and for the interview and supporting me. Frank for his interview. Richard for his picture as Naked Snake. And all the others who have supported me. So: A VERY BIG THANK YOU!

-- Article by Benjamin Mathys

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