Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - Demo Walktrough


I did not steal the MGS3 demo and composed this guide from playing the demo 5 or 6 times all the way through. Much of the information was obtained by my extensive note taking during the play through of the demo (on an offical Konami notepad). Other information was obtained from great MGS fans whom I watched play in order to learn other styles of play. Again I state I did not steal this demo. But if someone from Konami would like to question me my email is above and I will answer any questions I can (even though I was not present during the theft and did not see it. In fact I didn't even hear about it until I came back home). So I hope all my work is not for naught. I have worked long and hard on this FAQ to see the light of day and I hope two brats will not ruin it. Thank you everyone and thank you Konami for making a great demo. Again I am willing to run the risk of being accused of stealing and take full responsibility for this FAQ and its consequences.

After playing the Snake Eater E3 demo about five or six times all the way through I felt that creating a FAQ for all the MGS fans out there would be a nice thing to do. I've discovered some very good routes and rules to follow during the E3 demo. Personally another reason I'm creating this is that I hope one day Hideo & Company [Konami] releases the demo to the general public as an extra with one of its upcoming games, perhaps Rumble Rose..who knows. Either way this walkthrough could be applicable in the future and that is why I am creating it. Will I advance this mini-FAQ to a full FAQ once the game comes out? I'm not sure. If I receive positive feedback, sure.

Either way please enjoy this FAQ and if you see any instances where this is recreated anywhere else without proper credit given then please email me at the address above.

Thank you very much. Happy hunting.

Konami's Press Event

I had every intention of heading off towards Konami's press event but I had forgotten to warrant an invitation. And it was invitation only. Therefore I had to wait outside for a while until they felt that enough seats were open to let uninvited guests in. I was one of those lucky folk (all three of us).

They saved Metal Gear for near last until after the intermission. Kojima came up and had a great chemistry with his translator whom I met. After the video he showed off (the trailer) and him playing the demo on hand he opened up the room for a Q&A session. I knew it was my chance so I asked a question about the weather system. It was nothing special so I won't put it up on here.

Otherwise that was my first revelation to Metal Gear Solid 3.

Konami's Metal Gear Solid 3 booth was very interesting to say the least. It fairly replicated a rocky jungle environment with smoke coming out from who knows where. There were roughly ten games running alongside each other each with their own set of people huddled up around it. The low lighting however made for crappy photos. I took a few which really aided in this FAQ.


The controls in this game nearly remain the same but subtle details confused me at first and may confuse you. So it would be best to get a handle on it before your first play through so that you won't have to die over and over again getting used to it.

DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS: Stalking Movement. Using the D-Pad you will move slower than usual but create near to no noise. You can walk up close enough to the guard so that you're pretty much breathing down his neck with the D-Pad and you won't be heard. Usually using the D-Pad will mean you'll be using the CQC system later on which is explained later on.

LEFT ANALOGUE STICK: Normal Movement. Much like the other games this is used for general movement throughout the forest but the closer you get to a guard or animal, the more you should use the D-Pad. You also use this to scroll through the survival viewer and chose your frequency in the radio. Clicking the stick inward while holding an enemy with CQC (O) will threaten the enemy and forces him to reveal game secrets.

RIGHT ANALOGUE STICK: Camera Movement. Using this you can look up ahead or change your general camera location so that it suits your needs better. If you take it to a certain location that you like best and click inward the camera will stay there (but moving with you) until you either move the stick again or do another required camera movement action such as hanging off a cliff or putting your back to a tree.

TRIANGLE: This is the general and context sensitive action button. During the demo you can use this to climb up trees, open doors, and hang from ledges. The foremost change from MGS2:SoL to MGS3:SE is that the Triangle button is now used to zoom in during cut scenes whereas it was R1 before.

SQUARE: For weapon firing Square would be your best and only bet. Many of the weapons are pressure sensitive but none of it is much different from MGS2. For the knife Square is used for what seemed to be a three point combo movement. Pressing it three times in quick succession creates a devastating and deadly knife combo movement that damages your enemy greatly. Three of the knife combos can kill an enemy. While laying on the floor the knife changes as well but will be explained in more detail later.

CIRCLE (O): During the E3 demo I found myself using this button more than any other due to the fact that it was the most advantageous towards a sneaking type mentality. This button is very context sensitive and may be used to do a punch kick combo, knock against the wall, CQC grab, CQC throw, neck gutting, and even sends the transmission in the radio screen.

CROSS (X): You may use the X to crouch. While crouching you must press X again to stand. While crouching you can press the stick up to lay down. This button also cancels cut-sequences and exits menus.

R1: First person view and FPV during cut scenes where allowed. During the opening sequence two opportunities pop up where a small R1 icon will turn up on the top right corner, indicating when to press it. Pressing it will give you Snake's POV while falling downward and once after he has deployed his parachute. Later on during the demo you may use it also to get the scope POV to look at the first two upcoming guards.

R2: As usual the R2 is used to equip and unequip weapons of your choice. You may also use this to peek right around corners and side-step right in FPV mode.

L1: Using this you can point your weapon in a fixed direction and move. Also you can raise some accuracy of your weapons using this button as you hold the weapon against your shoulder.

L2: As usual [again] the L2 is used to equip and unequip items of your choice. You may also use this to peek left around corners and side-step left in FPV mode.

START: Enter/Exit Survival Viewer. You will be using this at least ten times during the game to change camo or allow a weapon or item for equipping.

SELECT: Enter/Exit Radio Screen [No longer referred to as Codec]


What is CQC?

"In actual battle, it is used in the jungle, bushes, and indoors when you cannot use a gun. It is also used when terrorists with hostages are in a facility or an airplane. The technique has been developed for when you have to fight multiple enemies that are very close to you, or when you don't know from where you will be attacked. It is a total combat technique, studied by actual special forces, used when you are close to enemies and you have to be able to fight with your bare hands, knife, and gun accordingly." (Motosada Mori, Military Advisor)


In the world of MGS3, the focus is on the "handgun + knife" style which is a characteristic of CQC. You can perform CQC when you are equipped with the "handgun + CQC knife" [combination or standalone]. The following weapons allow you to use CQC in this TRIAL VERSION:

  • Survival Knife
  • M19
  • MK-22
  • Bare Hands
  • The CQC in MGS3 allows you to perform strikes, handling, chokes, and throws in one powerful flowing motion.

CQC movement tree

1. First you must either sneak up to the enemy to run up to him.

1A. Push the directional stick and CQC button (O) to knock him to the ground

1B. Hold the CQC button (O) to restrain the enemy and prevent his attacks. Then select a different action.

1B1. Threaten the enemy by pushing down the left analog stick. You must have continuously pushed in to keep the knife to the guard's neck. This will keep him talking. To have him talk again you must release your pressure on L3 and then put pressure on it again. Can use any other movement after this.

Possible Next Movements: 1B2, 1B3, 1B4.

1B2. To use the enemy as a shield press the Square button. This will allow you to go into first person mode and shoot other guards. After this you cannot threaten the enemy.

Possible Next Movements: 1B3, 1B4.

1B3. Throwing the enemy down by using the directional button and the CQC button will knock the enemy out or leave him on the floor conscious. If you are alone you can throw him down and hold him up as he puts his hands over his head on the ground. You cannot threaten, throw, or eliminate after this.

Possible Next Movements: None.

1B4. Eliminating the enemy by pushing the CQC button again (O) will usually have his neck cut. After this movement the guard will fall down and you cannot perform any other CQC moves after this.

Possible Next Movements: None.

The usual progression of movements performed by myself was a sneaking up by using the directional pad, performing the CQC hold behind him, having him talk, and then cutting his throat. One time I had to use him as a shield and took out many enemies.



This is the character you initially play as. Certainly not much is known about this character other than small hints toward his past life. Nearly all of the internet has given him the moniker of Big Boss but for the FAQ's sake I will use his demo name of Snake (and drop the Naked prefix due to the fact that he is the only "Snake" in the demo). He would seem to have had a past relationship to The Boss due to his first codec conversation with her but none of that is revealed in detail. During the game intro of the demo he states "Commencing Virtuous Mission" instead of the trailer line of "Commencing Operation Snake Eater". Perhaps another clue who knows?


Age: 55
Born: 8/12/1909
From: Exeter, ENG
Location: Portshouth, NX
Height: 6.04 ft
Weight: 174.2 lbs
Hair: Grey
Eye Color: Grayish Blue
Voice: Bajo Ginga
Actor: Takashi Kubo
Blood type: A
Frequency: 140.85
Another code-name for the Major as all real names are stated to be off limits during the mission. With a large scar on his face Major Tom would seem to command respect from Snake as his orders are followed posthaste.


Age: 28
Born: 6/22/1936
From: Boston, MA
Location: Boston, MA
Height: 5.48 ft
Weight: Secret
Hair: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Voice: Houko Kuwashima
Motion Actor: Eriko Hirata
Blood type: Unable to retrieve info
Frequency: 145.73
Introducing herself with her title Snake wonders why she does not reveal her real name but she rebukes with another question about how he doesn't reveal his. Much like the Naomi of MGS.


Age: Secret
Born: Secret
From: USA
Location: Secret
Height: 5.87 ft
Weight: Secret
Hair: Brownish Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Voice Actor: Kikuko Inoue
Motion Actor: Eriko Hirata
Blood type: Secret
With a strange romantic past THE BOSS gives advice to Snake during their mission. She would seemed to have taught Snake the fundamentals of CQC. She also was the one who started the prework on the Snake's current mission. Later on however it would seem she would be an enemy. Will Snake have to kill his mentor and past lover? Only time will tell.


The demo ends right before you talk to him as you enter the door to his hidden location. No much is known of him other than he has defected from his group due to a fear of his own creation. He has asked for asylum in the USA and Snake is there to primarily retrieve him.

Weapons & Equipment

Your first objective during the start of the demo is to retrieve your back pack which has all of these weapons in it save for the knife which you have even without your backpack. All of the descriptions are from the game's descriptions but I had help from someone on some board. I copied the info and saved it for later use. Unfortunately I forgot to copy the user's name. So a general thanks goes out to the user who retrieved this info.


SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle)

Press weapon or L1 button to aim. Release Weapon button to fire. Switch magnification with triangle while aiming. Try to keep your stamina in the 4th bar to have capable aiming. With 1 bar aiming seemed very impossible. 31 bullets.

MK-22 Hush Puppy (CQC capable)

Tranquilizer gun. Press square button to aim. Release to fire. Attach suppressor with circle button while window is open. (After reviewing some of the text it would seem that during the opening of the real game you will will only have the MK-22 and knife to start out with.) 22 bullets.

M1911A1 (CQC capable)

.45 handgun. Press square button to aim, release to fire. Attach suppressor with circle button while window is open. 22 bullets.


Press L1 button in first person view for shoulder aim. Rotate firing mode with triangle button. Attach suppressor with circle button while window opens. 61/61 shots.


12 gauge shotgun. Press square button to aim. Release to fire. Direct hit in close range will blow enemy away. 13 bullets.


This was only available in the Survival Menu of the game and I did not have adequate time to use it.


For close combat. Press square button to stab. Press square button repeatedly to make a combo attack.

BAREHAND (CQC capable)

Press circle button to punch. Press repeatedly for a combo. Press square near a fallen enemy to drag him around.


(Mostly the same as MGS2, as an added bonus you can throw a grenade into an alligator's mouth)


(Same as before)




(During the Konami presentation Kojima stated that the directional mic would be possibly used for bird watching.)




Detects object movements. only moving objects are detected. Consumes battery power while in use.


Detects life forms' positions. Press L3 to emit sonic wave. Consumes battery power while in use. Using the sonic wave to close to an enemy will alert him to your position.


No real use for the demo.


You can use this to search for animals in the grass but I found that the Active Sonar was better suited for this. Perhaps night time excursions will allow for active use of this or the NVG.


A normal scope much like MGS2.


Again much like MGS2. I never used it however.


The secret item of the demo which provided no use. You can find it under the bridge at the end of the bridge. The in-game description was out of wack and confuzzled. Trying to use this item provided no effect. The most I got out of the description was that it was a "Life Recovery" item. Perhaps the new and improved ration? Although using it did not make it disappear.


Uniform List


There is near to no use for the Naked uniform in the demo. Also as the trailer revealed there may actually be negative aspects to getting into the mud with the Naked uniform on as leeches cover your body. I did not however test this out in the demo. The Naked camo is just Naked Snake without his shirt.


Landing at the site you arrive in the Olive Drab uniform. However it is more of a general uniform only capable of providing average cover/camo index in all places. The Olive Drab camo is a non-camouflaged normal uniform.


In some sections such as the North Dremuchij where the bridge is located the Tiger Stripe is only slightly advantageous to use. However it would be better to use the next one. The Tiger Stripe camo is covered in horizontal stripes of brown. Effective in trees and grass.


With the leaf coverage during the entire demo, the Leaf camo is will more than likely be the one used the most during the path before Rassvet. Laying down in thick grass with the woodland paint allows for up to 90% coverage. The Leaf camo consists of random coverage of light and darker green with small areas of brown and dark brown. Effective in bushes.


One section of the demo makes great use of the Tree Bark camo as you receive 90% coverage and a guard walks right past you. Afterwards you can perform CQC on him. Otherwise anytime you are around trees in a dim area you will more than likely receive 90% camo index coverage. The Tree Bark camo of course mimics a tree as much as possible with its vertical tree bark sets of brown and lighter brown.


Very useful only during the Rassvet section one area to the right of the staircase and behind the wall provides 95% camo coverage. Once you are inside the abandoned factory the Square's camo is a must. Otherwise don't use it. The Square's camo mimics red brickwork as much as possible.


Truthfully I did not use this but on a video the Black camo was used to great effect on the northwest portion of Dremuchij North, although only for a second. It really depends on the route you take and what route the enemy is taking. The Leaf camo is still more effective during that section due to the lush foliage. Effective in dark area or black ground.

Face Paints


At no point during the entire demo was the No Paint option worth taking. Usually it resulted in a -5% decrease in your overall camo index.


This is the face paint you begin with and will stay with during the entire demo. A 5% difference can make the difference between life or death. For use in forest area.

Foods & Hunting Tactics



This is perhaps one of the first foods in the game you will try out. Save for the mushrooms if you're interested in them. I believe these provide medium stamina increase. You will find these in great supply during the game. It is also easily killed with a knife and won't attack you if you trail behind it crawling.


Truthfully all the mushroom's somewhat looked the same so I could not tell the difference visually between this and the mushroom below. But I believe it to also provide low to medium stamina increase with how Snake reacted.


One of these can be found nearly five feet away from where you begin your journey. This along with the ink cap can easily be taken out with a knife. Provides low to medium stamina increase.


Usually you can find about five of these in the entire demo. You will notice it when you see one lying on the ground [which you cannot pick up]. To get it out of the tree you can shoot it with any weapon. Although one of them can be cut standing up with the survival knife. I recommend this course of action. Medium stamina increase.


On Dremuchij North you will see two apples in the trees above the heads of the two guards guarding that area. For these you must shoot them down, I recommend using the hush puppy. Although they will notice the apple falling anyways but won't take immediate action if you stay hidden. Stamina increase unknown put perhaps the same as the mushrooms.


As far the demo was concerned the Giant Anaconda had little difference to the Python. It can somewhat be seen though with its brown patchs and wider girth [...snake joke]. High stamina increase.


Out of all the animals in the demo the tree frog was in greatest supply and was nearly hardest to catch. These are so small that they blend in very well with their environment. With one swipe of the knife you can have oddly medium stamina increase.


Each time you kill an alligator (I used the shotgun) you will receive three Indian gavial meals. You cannot put the alligator to sleep and receive a caged alligator so watch out with that. These provide medium to high stamina increase.


Surprisingly the hornet's next provided the highest stamina increase due to the bar's increase and Snake's great reaction. I do not know Japanese but it was very enthusiastic. Watch out with the trailing bees however, but all you have to do is run past the mud and they'll run away.


Quite possibly one of the least known foods of the demo along with the apple. The magpie is a bird that can be caught somewhere in Dremuchij South. I'll provide directions later. This bird provides medium stamina increase.


You can only find the Rat under Rassvet by crawling. It is most easily taken out either by knife if you get it in a corner or the MK-22 Hush Puppy. The M19 will attract too much attention. Unknown stamina.

NOTE: There is also a scorpion and other possible edible creatures in the trailer.

Hunting Tactics

There are only a few general rules to follow while hunting and are all very simple but I add this mostly to pad this sucker up.

Sneaking Around

Being careful not to rouse the Magpie you must use your D-Pad to move and even then you cannot come to close or it will fly off. Other animals such as the tree frog will just move to the outward areas if you make too much commotion in the middle and so it can be advantageous in that respect. The alligator however already knows you are around and cannot run away. In fact if you stand directly in front of it, it will do nothing.


Most of the animals can most easily be killed with a knife and should be. It conserves ammo and is quick. All of the animals can be killed with a knife save for the Magpie and the Alligator. Everything else can be taken out with just one swipe of the knife. To kill the alligator I suggest using either a grenade in-between two alligators to take both out or the shotgun. To kill the magpie I just suggest using the normal weaponry such as the M19.


Capturing animals is quite possibly as easy as killing them. Just pull out MK-22 Hush Puppy and shoot them. All animals can be captured save for the alligator which wakes up 5 seconds later. You can only capture three animals at one time as you only have three cages.

What to Hunt?

Pretty much anything you can find. I advise staying away from the tree frogs, they aren't too useful since there are alligators just up ahead. But it all depends on what kind of ammo you have and how much time you're willing to spend. Without ammo you should limit yourself to animals that can be killed with a knife. Also you should get the Hornet's Nest, it would seem to be the best in the game. Otherwise hunt snakes and get mushrooms if you're sneaky and don't want to waste ammo. Get higher protein foods if you're going "all out" and try to get as much gavial as you can. But you have room for it all so don't worry about it too much.


Forgive me if I get the name's of some areas wrong or do not realize the best route but I will give my best shot at it. I'm doing all of this from memory so maybe you could cut me some slack! Punk. Or better yet please email me if any thing here is wrong or you think you know a better way. Some areas I have not got down pat (especially that bridge). So enjoy.


Parachuting downward you almost hit a tree as your backpack gets stuck to it. Your first mission is to retrieve your backpack.

This is the area you begin in right in the middle. From the start head off to a tree right in front of you (and a little to the left) and there will be a mushroom ready for you to pick. You have to crouch down with your knife and just press the Square button. Right afterwards head over to the left until you notice another mushroom on top of a log, do not crouch but do your knife combo again. Jump that log on the left and go into this small grassy area. In that area you can find some ammo (which you cannot use yet) and two snakes. Just crouch down and do your knife combo [again] to kill the snakes since you cannot capture them alive just yet since you do not have your MK-22 yet.

Go back from where you came (before the log) and head up north where you can crawl under a log to get to your backpack.

NOTE: You can also head off to the upper right and skid down the mountainside to the same area.

Once you are there you can find two more snakes. One to the right of the tree and one just behind it. Now head up the tree using the Action Button (triangle) and walk slowly out toward your hanging backpack. To hang downward and move over to it just press the Action Button again.

Major Tom will call you and you'll be ready to resume your prior mission of saving the scientist Solokov. Head off north.


Going toward the swamp you'll want to walk normally until you see a tree in the middle of some grass. Once you see that stop in your tracks and look for the Magpie. It is hiding in front of the tree by only a few feet. Just look for the purple in the grass. If you need extra help try the Thermal Goggles. Otherwise I recommend using the Sonar to help you find all the animals there. Besides the bird you can find about eight or so tree frogs which you'll have to crawl and hit with a knife. Or if you can move them by stirring up the place you can shoot them with your gun when they come to a clearing.

Continue heading upward till you see the swampland. Once you hit the swamp make sure you do not walk in it for too long. It is pretty much like quicksand in that it'll kill you if you're in it too long, drowning in mud. So quickly head off to the right where you will find a pack of grenades and an alligator. Kill the alligator and get the left over gavial. There'll be another alligator right there but it won't bother you. There are also two more alligators on the middle island of land and actually two other ones to the left. Kill the one left of the tree on the middle island so that you have safe passage to the beehive. I recommend shooting the beehive from afar or knifing it and running. Once you are done with that continue up north till you are at the next area.


This is where Snake first encounters enemy guards. There are three or four in the entire area. Two of them are walking vertical routes while one is coming right toward you. Head over to the nearest tree on the top right and put your back against it. Enter your Survival Viewer and change camo to the Tree Bark. This will let the guard just walk right past you as you use CQC to hold him and retrieve information. Once you are done with him either knock him out or slit his throat.

Return to your Survival viewer and turn on your leaf camo. Just casually walk or run forward and to the right where you will see no guards until later on. Once you see the massive foliage and grass go into a crawl and you'll be covered very well. There is a guard walking around so watch out. You may want to take care of the other walker early on just incase. You'll keep going north east crawling until you should take a sudden left near the top so that you can take out the one standing near the tree with your MK-22 Hush Puppy. Or take them out from afar, it's your choice.

Once you're done with that head off north again.


Otherwise known as the bridged area you will enter from the southwest portion which is on a higher level than the rest. There are pieces of foliage on the ground but most of it is useless when not crawling. Two guards are patrolling the area below and the best way I found to take them out was to simply use the MK-22. While laying down at the edge of the ridge below you can take easy shots toward the guards. Try to hit one that isn't being seen by the other. The noise in itself will startle the guard but you can easily take him out beforehand. Another tactic is to actually shoot an apple off the tree so that it lands on the ground and retrieves the guards attention. During this time you can shoot them easier.

Slide down the hillside to where they are and retrieve your apple or two. You will see a guard patrolling the bridge going back and forth. Try to get the guard as he comes toward you so that the remaining guard will not see him get shot. You can either get him with the MK-22 or the Sniper rifle. If you use the sniper rifle try to get the other guard first and then the one on the bridge. If you do that you will have more time to get the bridge guard as he has to travel a longer distance to safety if he hears you.

Taking the MK-22 approach however allows you to take time to cross the bridge as the remaining guard travels from left to right. While he checks the left side, which blocks the view of the bridge, you can travel upward and into some grass on the other side near the right. On the bridge you can cut some of the ropes with your knife to destabilize the trip over or even tip the scales so that a guard will fall over and into the river below.

On the other side in the grass you can lay down and receive 90% coverage and take an easy shot with your MK-22. Or you can stand next to the tree with the Tree Bark camo and sneak up with a knife to the neck. Either way works and depends on the risk you're willing to take. Afterwards head onward to...


Upon entering Rassvet you'll have enough room to either put on your Leaf camo and enter the grass or even head over to a nearby wall with your Squares camo. You could also use your sniper rifle to pick off nearby enemies if you wish but it'll alert more enemies toward your location if you're not careful. I found that the best route was to use the MK-22 on the two nearby guards who are both patrolling the parameter of the abandoned factory on the left and front. Once you have taken out both of them you can head over to the right of the building. Upon reaching that area you will see an overturned barrel. You can use the action button to push the barrel downward and knock over the remaining outside guard. You have to wait for the exact right moment but it is possible. All that is left is to climb the latter right next to him and drop down near the front door. Easy as pie.

Another route could be to go inside the building. Using this route you should stick to the walls as much as possible with your Squares camo. Make sure that you look before you run as there are a few hidden soldiers who will notice you walking around and give you a hard time. Once you are inside head over to the inside walkway that has another hole near the northern most part. Pressing the action button you walk upward you will do your little jump to it and then you can go inside. There is one guard on patrol near a corner past the door you need to get into to get to the area which has your final door. Make sure any remaining guards are taken out before you move onward or else you'll get spotted and you cannot finish the demo while in Alert mode. Caution mode yes, but not Alert mode.

There are other small routes (both of these are the most different routes you can take) which are in the middle of these two but I advise taking the right most route best. It'll land you right where you need to be with little risk involved.

Once you hit the door you need to get to (which by relation is in the north east part of the facility) the demo will end. And the words "Time Paradox" will show up on the screen.



First eat tons of high stamina food or pretty much everything in your list. Then go into the R1 Viewer of Snake and spin him around while zooming in and out for about fifteen to thirty seconds. Immediately get out of the survival viewer and he will actually throw up his meal.


At the end of the bridge go to the left and down a small decline in the hill and hug the wall while you travel right. You'll reach a cove that contains ammo and the LF RCVR.


During the intro and some other cut scenes you will see a little R1 icon in the top right corner which allows you to see through Snake's eyes for a brief moment. Make sure you take those opportunities, they go by fast.


Its not really a secret but a nice touch when you shoot a dead guard with the shotgun you can literally see them fly back about 20 feet.


On the top left corner you can barely see a black hole on the bottom of the Rassvet complex next to some grass. If you enter it you can crawl to many foods including three pythons and two rats. Also under Rassvet seemed to be a little duct to go upward as shown by a square outline. I was unable to enter it however.

-- Article by Micheal Bach, 17.05.2004

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