The Question Mark - Chapter 1 - Departure

I began posting this fan fiction on the forum of MGSTUS in March 2009 and had a great following. I continued writing the story even after the site went down, and got shortlisted for an award on the Official UK PlayStation Forum. The story has since been all around the web, and I’m currently writing the last few chapters. So it’s with great pleasure that The Question Mark is returning to in its fullest and most polished form. A new chapter will be coming every week.

This story contains spoilers to many titles in the Metal Gear franchise. Some chapters are very violent with scenes of gore and may not be suitable for younger readers. If you’ve read ahead elsewhere on the web, don’t spoil it!

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Snake lay against the dusty gravestone, the life's story of the corpse buried beneath him crumbling away on a slab of rock. This was his future. Eventually information fades, no matter how much you hold onto it. He held the gun in his greying hands. Just another death. No-one would understand, nor care.

Meryl. Where is she now? Not that she'd care for a man like David. Not now.

He brought the gun to his mouth and felt his jaw clamp down upon its cold metal. Eyes closed. He was ready. He knew what must be done. Knowing his next breath would be his last, David swallowed, tensed every muscle in his body, took a deep breath and pulled hard on the trigger.


He heard the gun's bang echo into the darkness. Nothing. Just nothing. His feeling faded, as did the sound around him. And then it happened.

Something glistened in front of him. It was so blurry that his quickly fading memory lost all hope of processing it. But it became more vivid. And he could see it. As it drew closer to him, he could make out blurred lettering. How was this possible? His hearing came back. A beep. An extremely loud beep. But it was drowned out by a different sound. The ringing of a telephone.

His vision came back to him. His sense of touch, smell and taste all returned. He could taste the blood in his mouth, the smell of chilled air. Was this death?

He touched his ear, as a familiar voice recited familiar words. A new bodysuit? No, the colonel lied to him in his ear. Snake shouted back... until it struck him...

He was back on Shadow Moses Island.

"No..." Snake whispered down the codec.
But before he could think, an alarm sounded. Had he been spotted?

Snake threw himself to the ground. Looking up, an elevator ahead had swiftly reached ground floor. He soon crept past very suspecting guards, and hit the control panel and hid inside. The lift groaned into life once more and pushed him upwards into the chilling air.

Something was not right about this, and now David had time to realise. Removing his diving gear, flashes of what was, what is and what will be appeared in front of his eyes. The graveyard... Had he died? He had felt the bullet force its way through the back of the throat and out of the other side. He had fallen numb just as he slumped down, limp and lifeless against the slab. But now he was here. Back on Shadow Moses, and those guards... that wasn't post-2010 gear... the genome soldiers. Events can't repeat themselves can they?

Snake reached the top floor. A helicopter took off in front of him, leaving a snowy baron wasteland of a building's entrance. The codec rang. But Snake didn't pick it up. He knew the way in. After hearing a well known "Who's footprints are these?" Snake was soon back in the air ducts, along with the rats who showed him the way. It gave him a sense of comfort being in these dark tunnels. Soon they reminded him of his future coffin and he followed the rats without further thought.

His ear rang. What a pain. He still had blood in his mouth, and his ear now felt as though it would implode. He started the codec for a conversation. Master Miller. Snake soon felt at ease again as he fell into a running conversation with the man.

But then he remembered. Sitting himself up inside the now claustrophobic tunnel, his hand started trembling. This wasn't Master. This was Liquid, one of David's clone brothers. What should he do? The man was telling serious lies in his ear, and Snake knew the real man would be found dead in a matter of hours. Snake made a quick decision.


"I'm sorry?" Master sounded insulted after Snake had interrupted him.

"I know who you are."

"What the hell is going on?" questioned Campell.

"Is Nastasha Romanenko there?" Snake asked.

"How did you know? That information was not released yet".

"Campbell, may I speak with you on a private line?"

There was a short silence.

"I'm sure you can share it with all of us, Snake" Nastasha introduced herself.

"Can I ask someone to check Master Miller's house. Just to see if everything is okay?" Snake spoke, with slight panic in his voice.

"Snake, is everything okay?" asked Master Miller.

"No. No it's not." replied Snake.

-- Written by Robert Wagstaff
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