The Question Mark - Chapter 2 - Objective One

This story contains spoilers to many titles in the Metal Gear franchise. Some chapters are very violent with scenes of gore and may not be suitable for younger readers. If you’ve read ahead elsewhere on the web, don’t spoil it!

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"Has something happened to my house?" Liquid faked Miller well. God only knows how long Master Miller was watched from a distance, so his personality could be copied. A true spy. Snake's brother was not a force to be reckoned with.
"Shut the hell up", mumbled Snake, regretting it as soon as it left his mouth.
But no one answered. The codec switched off. Silence.

Snake found himself entering a large hall, containing two tanks. Knowing full well that Vulcan Raven would take one of them later, he would have sabotaged them both, but he had no real equipment to do so with. He hurried past another guard, and slipped into an elevator. Next stop, DARPA chief.

The DARPA chief. He would die in Snake's arms...

He crawled through more dirt-ridden ducts, passing Meryl. Meryl, she's alive! She was exercising, continuously pushing her body to the limit. Anyone would have left her to it, but it didn't stop Snake. He slammed his fists against the grating below him, and it gave way. As Snake fell to the floor, the woman sat bolt upright in shock.

"Get us out of here." Snake demanded.
"Hey!" Meryl was confused.
"You’re thinking of doing it right no. Get us out of this cell!"

Without any pause, Meryl got up, and rammed open the door. The guard outside received a nasty beating and Meryl took his clothes. Snake took the gun from the soldier before she could point it at him as she had last time.

"Someone's in that other cell". She shouted, as an alarm screeched down the halls. Snake unlocked the door. This wasn’t the DARPA Chief. It was Decoy Octopus in disguise. Had the terrorists had their way, Snake would spill all he knew about the project to him, including how to activate Metal Gear. Snake knew the key to deactivate it was actually the key to activate the colossal weapon, and he was conscious of keeping this information to himself.

"Who are you?" The captured man questioned.
Snake replied with a bullet to the main's forehead. He collapsed, dead.
Meryl screamed in horror. Snake's ear began to ring again.
"We have to get out of here." Snake stated, calmly.

"Who are you?" She shouted.
"Call me Snake."
She mumbled. "I'm M.."
"Meryl" Snake interrupted.

The door ahead of them slid open with a mechanical swish, and armed soldiers poured in. Meryl grabbed the gun off Snake and pointed it at the door. Snake grabbed a knife. Pinning himself to the wall beside the door, Snake gutted two armed guards. They had followed orders to their doom. The blade of the knife severed their throats, leaving their life to spill across the floor, causing another guard to slip.

Snake had also met a gruesome fate, one in which he felt there was no way out of. Why should these men die? This was a quick-call decision. They would have to shoot him, and Meryl. Running, for them, was not an option.

Meryl shot three bullets across the hall, one hitting the arm of the fallen man, and the other two nestling into the metal walls. Snake backed off.

"Aim it, you damn rookie!"

Angered, she shot a bullet just above Snake's head, causing him to duck. Three more men burst in, and all received a bullet to the chest. All three fell to the ground. Another three filtered in as Meryl reloaded. Snake launched himself at their feet and they tripped onto the five other lifeless soldiers below. Stealing a pistol, Snake left a gun-wound in the back of their necks.

Something struggled under the pile. Eight men had died in the matter of sixty seconds.
Meryl left the room, and swiftly turned right, towards the lift. Snake promptly followed her, until the doors closed shut.

Someone appeared above him in his peripheral vision. A hallucination?
Wasn't this whole thing a hallucination?

Psycho Mantis. Snake wasn't ready to hear his disturbing breaths again, and shot the empty space Mantis left behind as he disappeared.

Snake slammed his fist against lift controls once more. The alarm faded, making his ringing ear more noticeable. Who would be on the other end? Snake knew there would be radio silence when trying to reach his next stop. He also knew Ocelot would be waiting to stop him from helping the ArmsTech President.

But Snake had already planned far ahead.

-- Written by Robert Wagstaff
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