Your Worst Metal Gear Solid 4 Fears

From: Paul Smith

Will they explain the Snake And Meryl love triangle? Snake never mentioned her in MGS2 hardly and i thought that they were in love?

From: Josecarlos Guerrero

You know, even if snake does die, some way or some how he will be back. i know it as a fact. My worst fear is that MGS4 wont see daylight on the worlds best console, THE XBOX 360. It wuould be hellat tight playing MGS4 on live with all your friends

From: Merlin van Hoogdalem

  • No Patric Zimmerman
  • No Cam Clarke
  • No revolver gun play by Ocelot
  • No old MGS feeling
  • No building infiltrations
  • Too much Middle East would suck
  • If true Codec (when you push select that the games pauses and you'll have a Codec call) will be gone, that would suck

From: Snake52

My biggest fear is that the series will end and then i will have no game to look forward to,no need to sit there for hours watching the traliers and reading the interviews,so that my biggest fear,that it will end!!

From: Abgela Beasly

Box art and advertisements: Nothing to do with the gameplay or experience but importance of putting pure artistic content in displaying a game can be seen with MGS1's. I'm hoping they try to make the cover a more minimalistic look without the pressure of the general public not buying it just because it doesn't show a guy shooting people or somebody jumping, running, or walking ;with an explosion near by. I mean, thanks to the series' plot, it sure made the games not feel like those average covers and would be nice that they do something special for it...just only hope they don't put the title on top.

Another thing is the back; maybe it should do something that really breaks the fourth wall without even opening the case (Like David talking to the reader) or something cool like that.

As for the ads for both TV and paper, maybe those too should get some artistic requirements as well.

Voice Acting: Not really so much of a fear but maybe it's time for the voice acting to be take out of the usual "booth" style and maybe start making the voices feel more "their" like in a real movie than staying in a cartoon; ok, I'm not saying it should sound like something Michael Mann would write but the whole "I'm PSYCHO MANTIS" voicing is very anime-ish considering that the graphics are getting ever more realistic and that the plot is very Hollywood (And that it going to get depressing with all the death and carnage). Of course, if the voice acting is still like true voice acting than I don't mind either; just maybe my expectations are being a bit usual about this sequel.

And yeah, I'm kind of fearful that the cut scenes will be shortened or the entire game will be. (And that Snake does die, the PS3 price is still high and it ends up on the 360)

From: Leo Apostolopoulos

all i have to say is....don't kill snake. the game series can get so much better with the new ps3. keep it going with snake.

From: Katie Reiser

That there will be less tear-jerking cut scenes. If I'm not bawling my eyes out at some point, there is no satisfaction.

From: Jørn Sømme

if snake dies they should bury him with his bandana. it has to be buried with the legend. it shouldn't be "placed on his grave" or something like that.

From: Jamie (Deadpool)

Hi guys, interestin idea for an article.

I would say up until a little whille ago, MGS on 360 was my biggest fear. It would have definately been the nail in the PS3's coffin, and let's face it, the system is struggeling even with this exclusive still hanging around.

Losing MGS4 would be a massive let down for PS3 owners everwhere. Its like our sole bragging right other than the PS3 won't break down every 5 minutes.

But now that Kojima's only further destroyed any chance of the exclusivity going, I think my fears can turn to other things. My main scare, is that this is the end of MGS. This is easily my favourite gaming series of all time, and I can't stand the thought of it not carrying on, especialy since we juuuuuust opened up into the next-generation of gaming. I've been a massive Metal Gear fan ever since I bought MGS on PS1, its almost the reason I'm so into gaming.

If this was the end of MGS, I don't know what there would be left in store to keep my intrest in gaming for the rest of this generation.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

From: Juan Antonio

Three actually.

An XBOX 3Shitty platform. Freaking microsoft buying out every single franchise the PS2 had. You know you're a one trick pony when you start buying out your competitors franchises.

And an even MORE convoluted story line like in guns of the patriots. MGS1 was pretty convoluted but was still somewhat plausible. It was as taut as most hollywood action movies. MGS2 was as convoluted as lost. Lost is frustrating enough as it is but with MGS2 even with the questions answered were confusing or just strange.

From: Michael

My biggest, worst MGS4 fear is that the game will not be made available on the 360, and that the matching server for the PS3 game will die long before I want to stop playing--just like MGS3's did.

From: Ravi

That it'll be as watered down as Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater or as half-assed as Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops.

From: Ether_Snake

Hi, here are my only fears on MGS4:

Offline fear: Old-gen animations. Gears of War looked great, but the animations were not good. Games currently in development such as Uncharted: Drake's Treasure, White Knight Story, Final Fantasy XIII, the next-gen Indiana Jones and Star Wars, are using an advanced animation system that blends various animations togheter smoothly using a mix of AI and physics. It looks incredible. MGS4 looks great, but sadly a lot of next-gen games right now look great until they start moving. With an animation system in the likeness of the one described above, we would get a COMPLETE MGS experience. The transition from cinematics to gameplay would be much more seamless thanks to that aspect.

In the TGS06 gameplay trailer I was happy to see that Snake's animations had a few nice touches, such as when he moves his jaw a bit while pointing his gun at a running soldier. It's a step in the right direction, so I'm sure the team is working on improving the animations.

I just hope we get something along the lines of the games mentioned above and with Kojima Productions at the wheel I know they could even do better!

Online fear: That an actual MGS:Online would be made to be released at the same time as MGS4. I'm a big MGS fan but I would much prefer a game set in the MGS universe made specifically for online play, a la Battlefield 2, rather than an adaptation of MGS4. Play as mercenaries, the Gekkous, or a Foxhoud-like team. Make it like the TGS05 trailer! It looked great, it is different, and it would attract people who don't necessarily play MGS games. BF2 is one of my favorite games after MGS, so getting something along those lines would be great.

In the end I really have no fears. I'm just waiting for the game with anticipation, and I know Kojima Productions will deliver!

From: Crimson_Ryan

My worst, and by far, BIGGEST fear of MGS4... Is that Johnny will not be in it, or if he is, he will be killed. Thats a horrible fear for me.

From: Solid Logan

If Solid Snake dies then what is the point of living!? Another huge big fear I have is, if you only fight Liquid Ocelot once, because in the past you only fight him one time in the game.



My biggest MGS4 fear is that MGS4 will not live up to the suspense, lore, and hype that the series has made. I fear that the story(or atleast the story of Solid Snake) is not wrapped up in this game.

God Speed Kojima-san, God speed.

From: Abdu Mohammed Ali

My worst fear is that we wont get to play as Raiden(and Yong Snake), and that Snake will still look like a Poatoe.

Also i hope the added features dont come more as a gimmick as MGS3s did. I want it to be deep gameplay.

The Story should be deep- prefferably a mix of MGS1/2

From: Yassin Lamghari

My Biggest Fear is that Old Snake will NOT kill himself and have a "reason" to live. Dammit Mgs series are Tragic and so is snake's life. He will die anyways, but he hasn't found anyone worthy of killing one has ever succeeded. So by shooting himself, he breaks the chain of the Snake and ends the tradition started by the Boss herself.

Snake must die by his own gun, don't blow this one Hideo....finish it...and make us cry.

From: jdnation

I'm afraid Kojima will dumb down the heavy content of MGS4 to cater to those who couldn't grasp the significance of the S3 plan and other heavy codec conversations of MGS2. Also I'm afraid that Kojima will cut down on the fantastic cutscenes to cater to those idiots who, and I quote... "Want to play a game, not watch a movie." Well then don't play MGS assholes!

From: Audibert

First of all, sorry for my English. I’m a French guy so…I will try to be as clear as possible

My principal fear will be to play a game with too many non-playing phase. For me the first MGS was perfectly well balanced. MGS2 was too chatty (but with an incredible scenario), and MGS3 was too break down (too many dialog in the beginning and in the end and too long sequences without any scenario phase). If Kojima could deliver us a game perfectly balanced it would be delighted.

Thanks to ask us our opinion.

From: Nathaniel Hall

i have two major sized fears about mgs4. my first is that kojima will once again create more questions instead of answering them. my second fear is that too many old characters are brought back into mgs4, making it too corny.

From: Bryan Bahle

My biggest MGS4 fear is that Solid Snake will probley die from his accelerated aging in stead of putting the gun in his mouth. I think something bad happend to Snake around at the end of the game. When the camera was going around Snake when he was about to put the gun in his mouth, If you look close enough you could see the side of his face and it looks bad. Mabe it was burned by someone. Or mabe something so bad happend that it was involved with fire somehow? Well I dont think putting a gun in his mouth is the way to end it. Im not sure. But something tells me that i have a good feeling that someone like Raiden will interfere with Snake putting his gun in his mouth, and he will try to stop him somehow. And then probley we will see him sometime die at the end of the game from his accelerated aging. I dont want him to die, but we will have to wait and see if he does...

From: Nicolaj Stengaard Jensen

I fear, that MGS4 will be a short game that dosen't explain much and is full of bugs and frame rate problems.

From: Robert Yparraguirre

MY worst fear for MGS 4 is that it will come out on 360 or the updated subistance verison will come out on 360.. I really do hope kojima stays true to the series and leaves it on ps3.

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