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Real name: Adam (Adamska in Russian).

Known and feared among the Afghan guerillas as Shalashaska. Former Spetsnaz major and FOXHOUND operative. His codename with FOXHOUND was Revolver Ocelot. Throughout his career, he played a double and triple agent planted within a host of organizations.

A quick-shot and expert at torture, he is also a huge fan of Spaghetti Westerns. His weapon of choice was the Single Action Army. He was able to hit even concealed targets by causing bullets to ricochet around objects.

During the Shadow Moses Incident, the Cyborg Ninja cut off his dominant right hand, which he replaced with Liquid Snake's. Liquid's will remained within the arm, however, and took control of Ocelot's body, creating Liquid Ocelot. He then formed Outer Heaven, a mother company to the world's five largest PMCs.

Raised by the Philosophers, he participated in the founding of the Patriots. His mother was the last survivor of the Philosophers, The Boss; his father, the Cobra Unit's medium soldier, The Sorrow. He was born on a battlefield in Europe during World War II with the name Adam, but was abducted immediately after birth by a Philosophers operative. For nearly 20 years after his kidnapping, he had no contact with his mother.

In the 1960's, Adam (Ocelot) made the rank of major as a young elite in Russia's military. He later became captain of the Ocelot Unit, an elite team of operatives within the GRU's special forces, Spetsnaz. He participated in the theft and development of the Shagohod together with Colonel Volgin and The Boss.

While squaring off against Naked Snake, who had infiltrated the Soviet Union in 1964 to recover Sokolov, Ocelot attempted to manually load rounds into his automatic pistol (a Makarov), but failed when the weapon jammed. After that encounter, he switched to a weapon devoid of jamming issues, the revolver, which he used exclusively thereafter. He specialized in handling twin guns, and grew to enjoy the tension born from having to pause to reload his weapons. Taking inspiration from the popular Westerns of the day, he began to practice showy gunplay and trick ricochet shots. His aesthetic drove him to such feats as juggling with three Single Action Army revolvers.

Furthermore, he developed an aesthetic appreciation for the sadistic torturing methods displayed by Colonel Volgin.

His allegiance with Colonel Volgin in the GRU during the 1960s was far from the result of shared ideals.

Ocelot was a spay for the establishment KGB which stood in opposition to the GRU. He reported every detail of the GRU's revolt back to the KGB, and plotted to use the American Spy, Naked Snake, in order to destroy Groznyj Grad.

At the same time, he was a spy for the American CIA, charged with securing the country's secret funds, the "Philosophers' Legacy," then under Colonel Volgin's control.

After 1964, Ocelot's official file reads as follows:

"After the fall of the Soviet Union, he joined OMON (Special Purpose Police Squad), then the Tax Police assault unit. Later, he worked in the special operations division of the SVR (Foreign Intelligence Service) until he was scouted for the American FOXHOUND Unit."

That account, however, is false.

Ocelot joined Major Zero, command of FOX. He brought FOX the Metal Gear technology he had obtained from Sokolov in 1970, then betrayed the CIA. He coerced the director of the CIA into divulging a list of the Philosophers and delivering the Philosophers' Legacy to FOX.

He eventually formed the Patriots using that money along with Zero.

He promoted the Les Enfants Terribles Project to clone Big Boss, but in 1972, Big Boss parted ways with the Patriots. Ocelot subsequently pretended to operate under Zero's command while secretly working for Big Boss. In 1990, he assisted in the formation of the special operations unit FOXHOUND from behind the scenes.

Then, following the death of Big Boss, he himself joined FOXHOUND and incited Liquid Snake to rise up at Shadow Moses.

After pushing FOXHOUND to action in the 2005 Shadow Moses Incident, Ocelot united with the private forces of Russian colonel Sergei Gurlukovich and passed along the plan to restore the Soviet Union to Liquid Snake.

Even then, however, his actions were part of an elaborate ruse.

He was acting on behalf of President George Sears (Solidus Snake). His goal as Solidus's spy was to acquire the test data from the latest Metal Gear and prototype nuclear warhead and submit it to President Sears, then watch the conflict between Solidus and Liquid Snake unfold.

Following the 2005 Shadow Moses Incident, Ocelot leaked the Metal Gear exercise data he acquired there to the black market, unleashing a swarm of Metal Gear derivatives throughout the world.

After receiving intelligence regarding the Marine Corps' new Metal Gear weapon, Metal Gear RAY (manned) in 2007, Ocelot plotted to steal it with the help of Russian Colonel Gurlukovich and his private army. After securing the disguised tanker carrying Metal Gear RAY, however, Ocelot betrayed Gurlukovich, stealing the Metal Gear prototype and disappearing to the sea bottom.

In 2009, Ocelot gave the manned Metal Gear RAY prototype he stole to Solidus Snake and participated in the subsequent takeover of the Big Shell, pretending to support Solidus Snake as he turned on the Patriots.

The entire Big Shell takeover, however, was just a dry run for the Patriots' S3 Project, with Ocelot in charge of collecting the data. Having learned that, Solidus activated Arsenal Gear, which had been disguised by the Big Shell, in order to make a final stand against the Patriots.

It was then that Ocelot began to act as if his body had been taken over by Liquid Snake's will, lingering within his right arm. Ocelot, playing the part of Liquid, announced that he was off to bury the Patriots, boarded Metal Gear RAY, then disappeared into the sea.

Ocelot, with his right arm replaced with that of Liquid Snake, later has his body taken over by Liquid Snake's psyche. The fusion that resulted was Liquid Ocelot.

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