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Kojima Productions Turns 10 With 19 Games Made

Apr 01 2015 05:22 AM | RobMSantos in News

10 years ago today, Kojima Productions was founded. With 19 games having a finalized release, which is your favorite game?

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Metal Gear Solid Movie to be Written by Jay Basu

Mar 31 2015 05:14 AM | RobMSantos in News

Deadline reports that Jay Basu is expected to write the Metal Gear Solid movie.

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Colonel Campbell Voice Actor Paul Eiding Turns 58

Mar 28 2015 06:47 AM | RobMSantos in News

Join us in wishing a happy 58th birthday to Paul Eiding by signing his digital birthday card!

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Hideo Leaving? Konami Removing All References to Kojima and Kojima Productions

Mar 21 2015 06:12 AM | RobMSantos in News

Konami removes Kojima as an executive officer and erases all Kojima Productions branding from websites and game posters. Hideo and team expected to leave Konami by end of the year?

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Series creator Hideo Kojima turns 51!

Aug 24 2014 02:28 PM | RobMSantos in News

Join us in wishing Hideo Kojima a happy 51st birthday! Please sign and share his digital birthday card!

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Infiltrate Players' Mother Bases, Steal Resources

Aug 21 2014 08:02 AM | RobMSantos in News

Full Gamescom video includes infiltration of other players' Mother Bases. Steal resources and other soldiers.

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David Hayter Voiced Lines for Cancelled Metal Gear Fan-Remake

Aug 18 2014 06:07 AM | RobMSantos in News

A fan remake of Metal Gear previously earned Konami's approval but was subsequently shut down when the company changed their mind. An unfinished trailer for the game has new lines by David Hayter!

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MGS V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain Coming to Steam

Aug 13 2014 02:53 PM | RobMSantos in News

At Gamescom, Hideo Kojima demoed new gameplay elements in The Phantom Pain and announced Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain for PC via Steam.

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Kojima collaborating with Guillermo del Toro on Silent Hill starring Norman Reedus

Aug 13 2014 04:30 AM | RobMSantos in News

Earlier Sony released a demo of P.T. which was described as an interactive teaser.

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MGS V: The Phantom Pain - E3 2014 Trailers Leak

Jun 09 2014 03:13 AM | RobMSantos in News

Konami's YouTube channel accidentally released the MGS V: The Phantom Pain trailers early just before the start of 2014's E3.

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