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Solid Snake

Real name: David.
While formerly a member of US special forces unit FOXHOUND, he defeated various incarnations of the nuclear-armed bipedal waking tank Metal Gear, constructed by different nations in their question for mobile nuclear armament, then disappeared into thin air and earned the title "legendary hero."

Solid Snake was one of the children born of the 1972 Les Enfants Terribles Project carried out by the Patriots in hopes of engineering the perfect soldier. He was created as a clone of Big Boss, and shared a nearly identical DNA signature with Liquid Snake, his clone twin.

He was known within the Green Berets for his skill as a paratrooper, scuba diver, and free climber. In the 1990s, he joined Big Boss's special forces unit FOXHOUND as a rookie soldier. It was while at FOXHOUND that he received the codename Solid Snake.

He successfully completed multiple solo infiltration missions, including Operation Intrude N313 during the 1995 Outer Heaven Uprising and Operation Intrude F014 in 1999s Zanzibarland Disturbance.

In the Outer Heaven Uprising, he rescued Professor Pettrovich Madnar and destroyed Metal Gear (TX-55) with the aid of Gray Fox, an operative who had previously infiltrated the facility. In Zanzibarland, he fought his former ally Gray Fox who piloted the revised Metal Gear D, and successfully stopped the ambitions of FOXHOUND commander and Outer Heaven ringleader Big Boss, whom he ultimately defeated in combat.

After the conclusion of Operation Intrude F014, he left FOXHOUND to join the CIA as a spy, but retired from his post after only six months. He subsequently moved into hiding in Alaska, where he lived under CIA surveillance.

Solid Snake was called back to the US military in 2005 when he was deployed to quell the incident on Shadow Moses Island.

The events at Shadow Moses began with Solid Snake's former unit seizing control of the island's nuclear weapons disposal facility. As an expert on FOXHOUND, the task fell upon Solid Snake to stop them.

In charge of the renegade FOXHOUND was Liquid Snake. His demand, the remains of Big Boss. Solid Snake was charged with ascertaining their nuclear capability and rescuing their hostages, ArmsTech president Kenneth Baker and DARPA Chief Donald Anderson.

Solid Snake infiltrated the Shadow Moses nuclear disposal facility alone. With help from Metal Gear developer Hal Emmerich and new FOXHOUND recruit Meryl Silverburg, imprisoned for refusing to cooperate with the rebellion, he located Metal Gear REX, the nuclear-armed bipedal walking tank developed in secret by the US Army and weapons manufacturer ArmsTech. Thanks in part to help from Gray Fox, now the Cyborg Ninja, he successfully eliminated the members of FOXHOUND participating in the uprising and destroyed Metal Gear REX.

His mission was a carefully woven plot, prepared by the Pentagon. Through the secret, CIA-guided efforts of genetic engineer Naomi Hunter, Solid Snake's body became a host to the assassination virus, FOXDIE. Solid Snake was sent into the field as a vector for FOXDIE to exterminate the hostages, who knew the truth behind the Metal Gear Project, and the members of FOXHOUND.

Though the FOXDIE virus succeeded in killing Liquid Snake and its other designated targets, its pathology vector, Solid Snake, disappeared together with new FOXHOUND recruit Meryl Silverburgh. Following this operation, Solid Snake never again worked as an official military operative.

Following the events of Shadow Moses, Snake joined Hal Emmerich in forming the anti-Metal Gear NGO, Philanthropy. Through it, they sought to still the flood of Metal Gear technology that resulted from Ocelot's leaking of classified data to the black market. They disclosed any information they received about new Metal Gears to the mass media, demanding development be stopped.

In 2007, Philanthropy acquired intelligence regarding the US Navy's shipment of the latest anti-Metal Gear weapon, Metal Gear RAY (manned).

Though Solid Snake secured photographic evidence from the tanker's interior, Ocelot then sank the vessel and framed Snake, destroying his reputation. It is publicly stated that Solid Snake lost his life in the incident, and the body was allegedly dredged from the New York Harbor.

The body authorities discovered, however, was that of Liquid Snake.

Two years after, Solid Snake re-emerged under the guise of Iroquois Pliskin, a member of the SEAL Team who provide support for Raiden in destroying Arsenal Gear's AI, GW. He subsequently stated his intent to rescue Olga's child, and disappeared.

However, the rapid aging condition and coughing spasms he was afflicted with forced him to abandon the plans to help Olga's daughter he had laid together with Raiden. Instead he begins reconnaissance to uncover the identities of the Patriots.

As an artificially engineered human, Solid Snake's lifespan was predesignated through telomere and gene modification. As part of the Les Enfants Terribles Project, he was engineered to be short-lived to prevent enemy forces from copying his genetic code.

Solid Snake's accelerated aging also brought about a change in the FOXDIE virus within him.

Damage to the victim targeting receptor was on the verge of yielding a mutant form of FOXDIE capable of killing indiscriminately. The time limit until that mutant form arose was three months. After that period, Snake would become a walking weapon of mass destruction. Furthermore, another new FOXDIE strain was discovered within his body.

But ironically, the new FOXDIE virus, injected into Snake by Drebin, eliminated the mutant FOXDIE. It was by becoming a vector for the new FOXDIE strain that Snake avoided becoming a weapon of mass destruction.

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